During my previous period, I initiated a formal investigation, in order to depict the contemporary world as a perpetual motion. With this purpose in mind, I used flat surfaces as canvases and favored the interrelationship between drawing and painting (or line and color), and between abstract and figuration —as a general concept but filled with figurative allusions/references.  But in 2014 —although I still had this approach in mind— I felt deep down, not exactly a change, but more of an opening to a new experience. Again with installations, but this time with a different approach than my work from the sixties and then back in 1994 and 2000. One could also note that most of my work nowadays has to do with sculpture (but painted), which could also be characterized as three-dimension paintings. This experience —by using expanded polyethylene— has taken me to deepen the interrelationship between different volumes and, in some cases, the use of wood.

Nevertheless, I still keep using flat surfaces upon regular and irregular stretchers. In any case, contrast and opposition are paramount to my research process.