Wittgenstein: this is the case

[...] having seen this text of mine, poet Santiago Perednik told me that he wanted to include it in an anthology of visual poetry that he wanted to produce. And so it was that when another poet, Pablo Narral (also known under his real name, Samuel Bossini) offered to edit this work in the year 2005 as a booklet, forming part of the series of editions of poetry—Malvario—of which he was the Director, I felt that I could consider it a poem, although it was not my intention when I wrote the text. This is how this edition finally came to be confirmed at the close of that year (with collaboration from Librería Albatros in Geneva), with a prologue by Pablo Narral.

Account by Luis Felipe Noé included in the book “Mi viaje-Cuaderno de bitácora” (My Voyage – Logbook, 2014)   

"Wittgenstein: este es el caso", Buenos Aires-Ginebra, Ediciones Malvario y Ediciones Albatros, 2005