Sin embargo [prólogo]

Talking with your hands and listening with your eyes. This is how we might sum up the interlocution that takes place when we draw four-handed with someone. At the same time, if that someone is Yuyo Noé, you have to have a kind of magnetic induction that invariably emerges from his interventions, both at the level of the work itself as well as in the philosophy that animates it, and that instantly converts any graphic babbling from his interlocutor into something much more refined, fair and, above all, true. When he draws, Yuyo turns everything he touches into liquid black gold. You just have to be alert, give yourself up to the evolution of his language and accompany him with the greatest possible dedication, safe in the knowledge that you are being protected by someone invincible, an expert storm pilot.



Stupía, Eduardo. "Sin embargo [prólogo]", en Sin embargo, cat.exp., Buenos Aires, Galería Rubbers Internacional, 2011