Conceptual Reading of a Career

INTRODUCTION (Luis Felipe Noé)

I am, as we all are, what becomes of one’s self. What is the thing that becomes? It is walking… but what remains are the footprints. If walking is concentrated in the footsteps, then the footprints speak to us about those steps, permitting us some vision of the path walked.

If a painter’s works are indeed the footsteps of his or her career, their propositions were the motive behind those steps. Whoever stops to look at their own path traveled while still moving along it reads—which is a conceptual subjectivity—the sequence of subjective propositions underlying their works, like a writer revises a still unfinished story in order to find out what happens.

With the help of my texts, which successively draw conclusions after the steps in order to make new, related and not always pictorial footprints, in this exhibition I try to carry out a reading of the motivations behind my pictorial and non-pictorial work. In this lapse, however, painting has been my primary, structuring language, since it acts upon me like the carrot for the donkey. All becoming needs conceptual restructuring. It is temporary. It isn’t an instance of retrospective, but one of… reconceiving, reconceptualizing or resignifying? Maybe I will know later on… walking.

This book has been written on the occasion of the show held at the CAYC during the month of September, 1993.        

Noé, Luis Felipe; Glusberg, Jorge. "Lectura Conceptual de una Trayectoria", Buenos Aires, CAYC (Centro de Arte y Comunicación), 1993