The Super-Power Adventures

I knew that the magnitude of the project was beyond my reach, and that is why I proposed to very young comic artist Nahuel Rando that we share responsibility for this adaptation. His way of drawing, very different from my own, favored the opposition between the subjective and the objective. While the book is an inner dialogue, it is also true that the subjective exists in the objective world (houses, streets, etc.). Nahuel took charge, above all, of the latter aspect while I did so in the case of the other, but sometimes we would alternate. We also wound up coming together to work on the same frame of the comic on many occasions, which highlighted the difference between our strokes. In 2003, Las aventuras de Recontrapoder (The Super-Power Adventures)—that was the comic’s title—was published by Ediciones de la Flor.  

Account by Luis Felipe Noé included in the book "Mi viaje-Cuaderno de bitácora" (My Voyage – Logbook, 2014)

Noé, Luis Felipe; Rando, Nahuel. "Las aventuras de Recontrapoder", Buenos Aires, Ediciones de la Flor, 2003