Painted Bodies: Noé

This matter of postulating the future (that is, awareness of one’s endeavor), while keeping the past in mind became evident in how I took on a challenge: one proposed to me midway through the nineties by businessman and notable Chilean photographer Roberto Edwards, by inviting me to participate in a singular experience of which he was the grand promoter: Cuerpos Pintados (Painted Bodies). What did it entail? In principle, just that… to paint bodies.  

[…] faithful to my favorite definition by Coleridge —“The phenomenon called art consists of making the external internal, the internal external, to make nature thought and thought nature”— when I proposed to undertake this task I thought of another case of re-inverting: to make the nude dressed and the dressed a nude.

The result: while I do believe that the beautiful young girl who served as the model would have been able to get at least as far as the corner dressed only in paint simulating jeans and a t-shirt, I also believe that I managed to demonstrate, by way of the absurd, that while this type of method does pertain to art, that doesn’t mean that mystery is necessarily revealed by inverting elements. The reverse of right can also be the same, only the other way around.

Account by Luis Felipe Noé included in the book "Mi viaje-Cuaderno de bitácora" (My Voyage – Logbook, 2014)

Noé, Luis Felipe; Edwards, Robert. "Cuerpos Pintados: Noé", Santiago de Chile, Ediciones Cuerpos Pintados, 2003