To the East via the West (Discovery of the So-called Discovery or of the Origin of What We Are and Are Not)

The year that I began what could be called “the series of the series”, 1992, a portfolio that I produced in consequence with this criteria (but in the form of an artist’s book and in the correspondingly logical sequence), dedicated to the discovery of America was edited in Colombia. […]

Paradox is the structure of the work; I have a passion for it, as was previously reflected in Una sociedad colonial avanzada (An Advanced Colonial Society) and in Recontrapoder (Super-Power). The thing is, however, that the Colombian formula itself, A Oriente por Occidente (To The East via the West)—which constitutes the title of the portfolio—is a paradox. This is why I invented many others that outline the “chapters” (if they can be called such) of the work. In the end I closed the book-portfolio by piling up these paradoxes along with several others, as if they were the verses of a poem.   

Account by Luis Felipe Noé included in the book "Mi viaje-Cuaderno de bitácora" (My Voyage – Logbook, 2014)


To East by West

To sunrise by sunset

To North by South

To South by North

To the Pacific Indies by the Atlantic Indies

To the West Indies by the East Indies

To discovery by the discovered

To America by Asia

To truth by mistake

To the right measure by exaggeration

To the will of kings by the will of Christopher Columbus

To victory by glory

To gold by the Holy Sepulchre

To the Holy Sepulchre by gold

To Goldwest by Goldeast

To the Holy Sepulchre by the lost tribes of Israel

To the lands of the Great Khan by the Holy Faith

To the Holy Faith by the lands of the Great Khan

To the embassy by the viceroyalty

To the discovered by invasion

To invasion by solemnity

To discovery by institutionalization

To connection by disconnection

To the origin of American by the destruction of the natives

To life by death

To death by life

To modernity by medieval prejudices

To order by chaos

To Paradise by decision of Your Highnesses

To God by the destruction of Paradise

To destruction by admiration

To Christian conversion by slavery

To God by not sparing the rod

To the Spanish victory by Native American seduction

To Goldsex by Sexgold

To the name of North America by the name of South America

To the acknowledgement of America by its loss

To American paradoxes by Iberian paradoxes

To independence by loyalty to the king

To unity by division

To right by left

To left by right

To the national by the international

To our own identity by identifying ourselves with what is foreign

To being in itself by being like others

To the beginning by the end

To sunrise by sunset

"A Oriente por Occidente (Descubrimiento del llamado descubrimiento o del origen de lo que somos y no somos)", Bogotá, Arte Dos Gráfico, 1992