Self-Interview on the Function of the Artist in Latin America

"Autorreportaje sobre la función del artista en América Latina" , en Cuadernos de Arte Latinoamericano, con el titulo "El arte de América Latina es la Revolución" , Santiago de Chile , Editorial Andrés Bello , 1973


What is, in your opinion, being an artist today in Latin America? Is it the same as being an artist anywhere else in the Western world? Should the artist think of himself first and foremost as a universal man and then Latin American?

In my view, there is no “Man” (as abstract universal being). This “Man” is the ideal image of the Western bourgeois society; a way of sublimating a socially unique case (precisely the one that is in crisis today). In my view, a Latin American artist is, above everything, a man facing a particular situation whose hallmark is dependency. [...]